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Relationship Advice For Dummies is a blog dedicated to everything relationships. It's geared toward helping one another understand and deal with the challenging issues relationships have to offer in these troubling times we live in from a biblical Christian point of view. Not from the world's perspective.

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M.O.G stands for Man Of God. I was raised in the church as a small boy. I had an intimate relationship with God early on. As I grew to be a teenager I drifted away from a Christian lifestyle, and lived a life of lawlessness. Although I always knew Jesus was lord I chose to be disobedient and indulge into my sinful fleshly nature.

Like the prodigal son, I came back home to God and I'm here to stay. On fire more then ever to spread the word through writings and entertainment.

During my time of disobedience, not submitting to the lord brought me into a spiraling tunnel of destruction. In this time I became a gang banger, a drug addict, a sex addict, a professional male prostitute, and fathered multiple children among other things I won't name. However he that starts a good work in me is faithful to complete!

God has delivered me from drug addiction. God has delivered me from sex addiction. The shackles have been broken. I have come back home to my father!

 I am a rap artist who recently turned from worldly music to Christian hip-hop spreading God's word through music in an industry that is controlled by satan himself! I am a poet, an actor, a director, and a writer.

I recently started my own production company called AnnamVision. Annam is Manna the bread that fell from heaven spelled backwards. We focus on Christian films, sitcoms, and all sorts of media programming to help spread the good news.

We are currently filming our first full feature film called Nephilim. Here Is a link to the fb page for  Nephilim the film  which is based on Genesis 6 in the bible. We also have a video series called A.L.I.V.E  which stands for Always Living In Victory Entertainment. This series takes scriptures straight from the good book and brings it to modern day life so we may apply it to our time and day, and use it as a tool to live for God and fight the enemy.

Please like our production company here! AnnamVision

All our funding is based on gifts and donations. If you would like to donate to support Christian Entertainment, you can do it here!


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