Saturday, July 19, 2014

What Partner To Choose In A Relationship?

Generally speaking, compromise is good in a relationship.  One person wants kids now, the other later down the road. You both compromise and meet in between. Compromise is healthy and is a necessity to have a happy successful relationship.

What I'm talking about in this post is compromising the partner you choose to be with.

In the perfect world we would all have on our arms the epitome of what we think is attractive. Our man/woman would be gorgeous, how ever that looks to you, with brains personality, morals, the total package.

In the real world it just doesn't work like that.  Like that old song goes...some guys (girls) have all the luck. There are a few lucky souls out here who's partner is the total package, at least to others but for most of us that's just not the case.

What I have been noticing for a while now is opposites being in relationships. You ever see a beautiful woman walking down the street on the arm of an average or less then average looking man? Vice versa.

You wonder to your self, how did he/she get a good looking person like that? The first thing I used to think was money.

Oh he/she must be rich. That's why they are with them. In some cases this is the case, but I'm finding a lot more of the time it's not.

I did a survey with a number of men and woman to see if I could get some clarity on the subject. This is what I discovered.

A lot of attractive women who were with average or less then average looking guys were with them not because of the money (even though it helps if they were financially secure)  but because of how well the men treated the woman.

These women were in a sense like trophy's to these men. They couldn't believe they were with a woman so beautiful that they did everything they could to keep her happy and treat her very well. 

These women were so happy to finally be treated like they believe they should that they were ok with compromising on what in their mind they wanted their ideal man to look like.

As far as men goes it was generally the same answer. Body wise it was said it is a lot easier to deal with a less then average looking individual if they had a nice body.

A man will tend to deal with an unattractive woman if her body is banging so to speak. Same with women, but speaking as in a long term serious relationship it has to be more then a nice body to make a man/woman settle down with someone who they feel is average or less then average in the looks department.

A woman dates a man who is average in looks. Nothing to write home about, but treats her like a queen. He is polite, faithful, puts her first before himself. The same woman meets Mr GQ. This guy looks like he hopped off the cover of
 a magazine. Handsome, charming with a body like a Greek god.

Every time you go out ladies heads turn so quick, he is the center of attention and your girlfriends envy you to the point of green eyed jealousy.

He's a ladies man and getting attention from women is an understatement. He is what every woman wants their man to look like.

This woman unintentionally found herself sleeping with both men. Something she is not proud of but what's done is done.

She can't help but to compare the two and Mr GQ's bedroom boom makes the other guy's look like sex for beginners.

Mr. GQ is such a charmer,  and because of the attention he receives,  he is overly confident.

A few situations she has had with GQ makes her question his ability to be in a completely monogamous relationship.

Who does she choose?

Who do you choose?

The guy/girl who you feel safe with as far as being faithful, loyal and good to you, even though they don't really do it for you in the looks department or the bedroom?

Do you choose option b the guy/girl who is a knock out in the looks dept and rocks your world behind closed doors, but possibly could be a player and cheat in the long run?

Or do you wait to find someone who might not have all of either side, but a little of both?

To some this may seem like an easy decision but I assure you when your actually in this predicament, even if the answer may be prevalent, the will to make the right decision may not be as easy.

Good advice I received.....always go for what you need, not what you want. Unless your one of those lucky guys/girls that old song talks about.

Seek God in all decisions!
God bless you all!

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